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The concept of the leader store of Gorgany is the expedition. This is not about the tourist equipment or clothes. This is a story about adventures, travelling, new horizons and peaks.


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New space, where it was important to combine consistency, structuring with creative chaos, filled with various experiments.

Pop-Art Kitchen

Space redesign for Billa supermarket. The main idea of this project is to turn every regular detail into art

Homster Moodboard

Turning the whole space into mood boards as a perfect combination between functionality and emotions

Ice Lump

Foodcourt design for Egersund seafood. The atmosphere of Norwegian white iceberg, placed into the cave

Base BI

A secret base, where children and their parents can feel like real super heroes and super agents


Natural landscapes in combination with urban relief as a concept of interior renewal for Lipsky restaurant

Square. Practical. Good

Keeping the visual unity of the whole space with creating separate comfortable zones for work, communication and relaxing

BigFoot’s home

Fairy home of BigFoot and his friends for the new flagship store of The Toys’ house brand


Enjoy the festival mood of Orange store – a place of emotions and celebration


Natural landscape of North sea in combination with modern Norwegian architecture

Modul CHN1

The new company space as the 3d production catalog


Atmosphere of the home comfort with adding magic elements

Express your color mood

Let out your inner emotions with the Orange store

Pages stand

3d magazine pages with real products for exhibition stand of Salon magazine

Prostoneba festival

Communication and space concept for architecture festival


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