Base BI

A secret base, where children and their parents can feel like real super heroes and super agents

865 m2

Kyiv, Ukraine (Lavina Mall)

Budynok igrashok(eng. The Toys’ House)


  • Showcases
  • Interior
    & objects
  • Product
  • Communication

Have you ever thought about being a superhero? Nowadays we are often faced with problems that go beyond the limits of our regular human capabilities. In times like this, you have to use the superpower. Especially when it comes to having a hyperactive baby, this problem is probably the most noticeable. That’s why a concept of the new Toys House’s flagship store is a base for super-agents and super heroes. Just being there make children feel like super heres, also their parents can transform into real agents in their children’s eyes, because their mom and dad know everything about toys.

The whole space is divided into separate zones and starting from the shop entrance, colorful lines on the floor will lead you to every section. Every zone has its own visual image and mood, which emphasize the actual sense of toys, not only brands. Together with G.Corporation we designed special unique wall graphics for every section and created several interactive zones for children. To make it easier for parents to understand which toys are the best right now, «top-sellers» zones are separately placed in the shop.

The feature of the project are extra entrance doors for little super agents. You can get inside by scanning your palm and several tasks for super agents are waiting for you there: lasers labyrinth, mine clearing and so on.

This project was featured in BOB International magazine of Space design.


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