Ice Lump

Foodcourt design for Egersund seafood. The atmosphere of Norwegian white iceberg, placed into the cave

160 m2

Kyiv, Ukraine (TSUM mall)

Egersund Seafood


  • Interior
    & objects
  • Product

In this project we’ve continued our collaboration with Egersund seafood company. Our main idea was to go on with the mood of white Norwegian iceberg, adapting it to the new space. Since now the new space is located in a closed zone of shopping mall we place an iceberg into cave. To provide the atmosphere of a real cave we created the caustic effect, which represents an effect of light reflection in the water, sending it on the main wall of food court. It also makes you feel that the static walls become alive.

One of our challenges was to fit a big number of products into a quite limited space. For that reason we designed the unique store equipment and display cases.

Furthermore, we analyzed the technology of fish cooling and the movement  of cold air.

The whole color scale of the store is kept restrained, almost monochrome, which perfectly emphasizes the ideal whiteness of fish display cases.

Every project is only the beginning, since everything has been created for the first time and need time to test everything in a real life and get a real feedback. We always keep in touch with our clients to make sure every part of the project works great.


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