Enjoy the festival mood of Orange store – a place of emotions and celebration

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Kyiv, Ukraine (Darynok/Art zavod)

Orange club outlet


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For Orange club outlet we aimed to create the atmosphere of club and  festival – a place for emotions, conversations and celebration. We believe that clothes are the emotional extension of inner state and thus the whole idea of the store is based not on selling clothes, but on providing the feeling of openness to our clients. The central element in the store is a cash desk, which is showed as the main stage at the festival. There is also a special waiting zone, where you can drink some beverages or play at the X-box while your friends or family went shopping. Thanks to special atmosphere of the store, the space is regularly used for parties and events.

Also, specially for this project we created the unique equipment and wall graphics. Store showcases successfully strengthen the main idea of Orange club brand. Provided with emotional message, they create a bright vision of the Orange store.

Orange club store was a very quick project. For a very limited time period we needed to create the brand concept and realize it. The successful accomplishing of this project became possible thanks to the joint collaboration between our company and Orange club team. 


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