Homster Moodboard

Turning the whole space into mood boards as a perfect combination between functionality and emotions

1125 m2

Kyiv, Ukraine (Skymall)



  • Architecture
  • Interior
    & objects
  • Product
  • Communication

The idea of the new Homster store is based on designing the whole space as a mood board, where functionality and emotions form a perfect combination. We aimed to provide a free space, where every customer can become a designer, find his/her perfect solution and get inspired.

To provide the high level of  visual presentation of furniture and other home decoration items we used the behavioral psychology. We provide a particular solution for different types of  consumers:  emotional solution for “follower”, functional solution with example for “everyman” and  creativity with functional and emotional solution for “hedonist”. Also, we formed products zones according to the structure of human’s brain. In contrast to the right sector of the store, which becomes more emotional, the left one is kept logical and structured.

Generally, the store planning scheme has open zones, half-open zones and closed zones. It shows the diversity of Homster production and demonstrates different surroundings, where it can be placed. A big attention is payed to products placement and presentation at the store, where we kept the balance between emotions and functionality. In addition to it, we changed the right customers stream to a more natural one. It helps to make the customers go further and explore all the Homster production.


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Fill in the application for your project


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