Modul CHN1

The new company space as the 3d production catalog

600 m2

Cherkasy, Ukraine



  • Architecture
  • Concept
  • Landscape
  • Interior
    & objects
  • Product
  • Communication

This project was our first project, where we fully implemented the main idea of our bureau – creating microworlds. Here we joined together all the elements – architecture, landscape, interior, graphic and product design and create the unique design solution for Manezh company.

The main idea of Modul project was to create a new company space with functions of office and showroom in one place. So the main feature was to design an entirely new space for company and use their production as a base of the whole project, create a 3d catalog of Manezh production in a real life.

By widely using of Manezh production in interior and exterior design we aim to remove a visual line between office and showroom, present the usage and quality go production in a real life and represent the atmosphere of company manufacturing.

Specially for this project we designed several unique design elements to complete the general project mood and improve the functional sphere of space.

In 2011 Modul CHN1 won a prestige award – The Interior of the year 2011(“Interior goda 2011”) – our first award, received from international jury. This became possible only thanks to our collaboration with great team of Manezh company, their believe in us and our microworld.


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