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The concept of the leader store of Gorgany is the expedition. This is not about the tourist equipment or clothes. This is a story about adventures, travelling, new horizons and peaks.

420 m2

Lviv, Ukraine



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Therefore, the entire microworld of the store is built around natural landscapes, textures, shapes, the atmosphere of mountain gatherings and preparations for a new challenge. The store planning is structured like a route. We give a customer an opportunity to get around and find the right things. In addition, there are testing zones in our space – natural landscapes that help to test shoes, sleeping pads and sleeping bags. We have turned the cashier’s area into a “shelter” in the mountains, where tourists arrive overnight and share their adventures with like-minded tourists, drink hot tea or coffee.

In addition, all the equipment of the store is unique: it has completely been developed for this brand. The heart of its visual image consists of mountain ranges, topographic maps, reliefs. The landscape of the real mountains of Gorgany in the Ukrainian Carpathians has served as the inspiration for the colour scale and texture. The continuation of the concept of the store interior is a showcase. Its concept is a mountain of experience. Since Gorgany brand positions itself as an expert in tourist equipment, we have also wanted to bring its customers to this expertise.

Therefore, when displaying a showcase, we have used things that customers have brought and which are of special importance to them, things with which they have received/survived their own experience. We have put all the stories that have been written for every thing on the glass of the showcase. Thus, a very emotional and filled showcase of a new store has been formed.


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